One of our clients has been with us for over 35 years. We helped the owner start his first business venture when he was 18. Since then, we have helped him with numerous business opportunities.

We provide a full range of services including how to start a business, entity planning, setting up an accounting system, payroll processing, payroll and sales tax reporting, financial management, tax planning, tax preparation and training employees.

Our client appreciates the role we play as “off-site controller.” We meet regularly to discuss ideas, concerns and the company goals.

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We’ve worked with Omni Die for ten years. Each month they send us their QuickBooks financial statements and we make the necessary journal entries so the client knows they have a reliable financial statement to use in making business decisions.

We consult with Omni Die on the phone or in person to discuss various aspects of the financials, including cash flow analysis, analysis of trends in purchases as a percent of sales, review comparative statements for oddities and discuss tax planning opportunities. The client also calls upon us to provide advice on issues such as buying or leasing vehicles, purchasing buildings and various other business issues.

Recently Omni Die asked for assistance in helping to setup a limited liability company owned by foreign individuals. The company was going to be operating out of our client’s facility and they are going to be getting some work from the foreign company. We researched how the foreign owners and employees need to be treated for payroll and income tax purposes and got all the required paperwork completed properly. We set them up on a QuickBooks file and trained their “in-house” accountant how to use QuickBooks, process payroll and efficiently organized the office.
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Omni DieGuiding Our Client Through Important Financial Decisions

Our firm has a number of clients that we have assisted who own a single business. The goal of these clients is to focus all their efforts toward strategically growing one business, not multiple businesses.

One client in particular has grown from a small start-up company into a multi-million dollar engineering firm with several divisions. Over the past 20 years we have completed timely, financial information and reviewed this information with the client on a monthly basis. As the client has grown we have adapted the financial information, reporting, and tax planning to meet their need to make key management decisions. The client appreciates that we meet regularly with them to discuss management issues and solve any financial issues.

In addition, we have helped office staff with multi-state payroll issues, QuickBooks, and other internal office financial issues. The client appreciates our willingness to help them with these issues as well as the service we provide through traditional accounting, tax and consulting needs.

Engineering FirmHelping a start-up grow into a multi-million dollar firm